Saturday, 7 July 2007

Back in 2005, while doing a Judge Dredd strip for the Judge Dredd Megazine, I started thinking about creating something new for the Dredd universe, something that I could write and draw and colour...thus fulfilling a long time ambition. I had the idea of making Mega city 1 sentient in some way. This idea was based on what I`d seen developing in the world of technology, mostly robotics, a subject I`d always been fascinated by. This grew, with the welcome help of Alan Grant on script duties (a teen hero of mine) into what is now known as Big Robots! I`m posting the pages here in the original format...i.e in four parts and not the eight that are being printed in the Megazine (due to financial restrictions) as I feel strongly that they should be read as was intended by Alan and myself. Thanks go to Ellie De Ville for the excellent lettering.
I hope you enjoy it.